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Igbo Progressive Union, United kingdom (IPU-UK).

Who We Are

The Igbos are people that speak the Ibo language. They constitute a large ethnic group in southern Nigeria. They are known for their rich cultural values and high morality with regard to the sanctity of life and the primacy of the common good. The Igbo are the second largest group of people living in southern Nigeria. They are one of the three major tribes in Nigeria. They consist of many subgroups and are known to be socially and culturally diverse. They are predominantly Christians and traditionalist beliefs. Igbo culture includes the various customs, practices and traditions of the people that speak the language in all dialects.

What we do

As a union, IPU-UK

  • Seeks for ways to improve health outcomes for those who receive information on healthy living and nutrition which is relevant to them and provided in an easily accessible way.
  • We increase knowledge and understanding of Igbo culture, language, traditions and history
  • We promote heritage, encourage communal integration and promote identity

IPU-UK Men Executives

IPU-UK Women Group

'IMA MBEM' in the Igbo Culture is Second to None.

It is a hybrid of song and speech in Igbo spoken language called “Ima Mbem”. Ordinarily performed by masquerade societies, ima mbem encompasses social commentary with the intent to enlighten, educate and entertain. When performed by masquerade societies, the means of communication can be used to admonish and cajole since the masked speaker/singer is usually unidentifiable. In authentic traditional sense, the voice is muffled thereby making it hard to exactly know who is behind the mask.

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